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Exclusively Offered by GIS




Anglers Advantage Insurance Program

Package 1

Superior Coverage

  • "All Risk" Watercraft And Equipment Coverage for your watercraft while it is afloat, stored, ashore or in transit by trailer or by truck.  This includes the hull, machinery, fittings, and unattached equipment and accessories.  Your unattached equipment and accessories temporarily stored ashore are covered up to 50% of the amount of insurance of your watercraft.
  • "all Risk" Watercraft And Equipment Coverage for boat trailers and outboard motors (dependent upon age) provided they are listed separately.
  • Watercraft Liability Coverage for loss of life, bodily injury and property damage to third parties with limits available up to $500,000 ($1,000,000 for "professional" anglers).
  • Uninsured Boaters Insurance Coverage which matches the Watercraft Liability Coverage limits chosen by you at no additional charge, subject to a maximum of $500,000.
  • Primary Medical Payments Coverage for your guests/passengers and excess coverage for all "insureds" with limits ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per accident (dependent upon the Watercraft Liability limits chosen) at no additional charge.
  • Emergency Service And Towing Coverage (including watercraft trailer roadside service) in case of an emergency of $500 is included.
  • Personal Effects-Coverage of $2,000 for individuals or $2,500 for "fishing guides" and "pro anglers" is provided for your personal property including fishing equipment and that of others is included.  Higher limits are available at a nominal additional premium.
  • Non-Owned And Loaner Liability Coverage for use of non-owned and/or loaner watercraft included at no additional charge. subject to certain policy provisions.
  • Newly Acquired Property Coverage, subject to certain policy provisions.
  • Legal Defense Cost Coverage
  • Wreck Removal Expense Coverage


All Coverages are subject to policy limits, terms and conditions. For a complete coverage description, refer to the actual ANGLERS ADVANTAGE Watercraft Insurance Policy Form.







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