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Exclusively Offered by GIS




Anglers Advantage Insurance Program

Package 2

Coverages in addition to Package 1

  • Advantage Plus Endorsement adds the following coverages to your "standard" ANGLERS ADVANTAGE Insurance Policy at a nominal additional premium charge:
  • Rental Reimbursement Coverage for rental of a similar size and type of watercraft while your insured watercraft is in the shop for repair of a covered loss under this policy.  The maximum rental reimbursement limit is $1,000 per annual policy term.
  • Waiver Of Scheduling PERSONAL EFFECTS over $500 in value.
  • Additional Repair Coverage for faulty workmanship or undetected damage that is discovered after an "original" repair from a covered loss under this policy for as long as you continuously stay insured with us.
  • Hurricane Haul-Out Protection Coverage for $500 of coverage per hurricane subject to a maximum annual limit of $1,000.
  • Contaminant Spill / Pollution Liability Coverage Endorsement with $500,000 limits at a nominal $25 additional premium charge.
  • Fishing Tournament Fee Reimbursement Endorsement reimburses the Insured, subject to a maximum annual limit of $1,000, for any prepaid out-of-pocket fishing tournament "entry fee" if the Insured cannot participate in an upcoming tournament.  Cancellation must be due to either a covered loss under this policy to the Insured's watercraft, primary outboard motor/engine, and/or trailer rendering it inoperable or it is still in the process of being repaired, or a death in the Insured's immediate family or of the Insured.
  • Pro Angler/Guide Coverage Endorsement is for local fishing guides that "professionally" guide within 150 miles of their residence or moorage location and for individuals earning %49 or more of their income from fishing and sponsored endorsements.  It waives the Private Pleasure Warranty in the policy and customizes it for commercial use.


All Coverages are subject to policy limits, terms and conditions. For a complete coverage description, refer to the actual ANGLERS ADVANTAGE Watercraft Insurance Policy Form.





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